Service Learning

Service Learning is a Career Education requirement at Southridge High School that helps students become engaged with the community beyond the classroom. Students are required to complete a total of 60 hours by May 1 of their senior year. Hours are prorated for students not enrolled all four years, but are not reduced for early graduation. Students are encouraged to complete 15 Service Learning hours each year to keep on track for graduation.  Service Learning counts for half (.25 credit) of the .5 career education credit on transcripts.  The other .25 credit comes from attending and successfully completing the Advisory activities.​

Service Learning hours may be earned through classroom- or student-generated projects. Student-generated proje​cts require pre-approval from a classroom teacher, counselor, or staff member. There are some activities that are restricted (see the summary information). Projects or activities need to be related to the state's Career Related Learning Standards and Essential Skills (Communication, Problem Solving, Personal Management, Teamwork, Career Development, and Employment Foundations). Service Learning projects may be completed at any time of the year, including summers, if pre-approved. A reflection is required and is incorporated in the GoogleDoc form. (See the links below).

Students should submit documentation for the hours they have earned soon after they complete them. Students may not wait until they are juniors, for example, before turning in hours from their sophomore year.  Any exception to this requires administrative approval. Summer hours may be turned in in the fall.  Students document their hours using the GoogleDoc link below. (This link is also on students' Canvas page.) After students document their hours, we suggest that each student keep the emailed receipt they receive in their Advisory folder, plus copies of any additional supporting documents they may have received. 

Seniors need to turn their final hours in by May 1.

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