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Southridge High School
An International Baccalaureate World School
9625 SW 125th Ave. Beaverton, OR 97008
Ph: 503-356-2890   Fax: 503-356-2895
CEEB code: 380079

Southridge High School is one of six comprehensive high schools in the Beaverton School District; the Beaverton School District is the third largest school district in Oregon, with almost 41,000 students. There are approximately 1,450 students at Southridge.  Students can be a part of the IB Diploma Program, the IB Career-Related Program, or Career Technical Education Pathways.  In addition, all students must complete 60 service learning hours prior to graduation.  Southridge has a four-year cohort graduation rate of 89% and a Free and Reduced Lunch Rate of 41%. 
School demographics: White—51%, Hispanic—30%, Two or More Races—8%, Asian—6%, African-American—4%, Alaskan Native, Native American, Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander—1%.  
Beaverton is a suburban residential area located eight miles west of Portland, Oregon. The Beaverton School District spans an area of 57 square miles and serves a population of approximately 264,000 residents. Most residents are employed in business, professional work, or light industry in the greater Portland metropolitan area. District quick facts.
Develop compassionate graduates who think critically and creatively, embrace life long learning and responsible citizenship, and who learn from and appreciate the connection between our school, community and the world. 
Traditionally the year consists of two 18-week semester grading periods. Classes meet every other day, with students taking seven classes per semester (.5 credit each). Not all juniors or seniors need to be enrolled in seven classes. The school week allows students an intervention seminar period, during which time they can receive academic help, access credit recovery opportunities, or have time to extend learning.  
Impact of Covid on School Organization:  For the 2020-21 school year the Beaverton School District has adopted a 4x4 instructional schedule, as the school year began in a Comprehensive Distance Learning model with students not accessing the building.  At the end of the first quarter the Superintendent and School Board will decide to return to school in a hybrid model or continue in Comprehensive Distance Learning. In the 4x4 model students will earn the same number of credits over the course of the year, and also access  extended learning or credit recovery seminar period.
The teaching faculty consists of approximately 84 certified teachers, in addition to counselors and administrators. There are roughly 30 classified support staff members. 
Students have to demonstrate proficiency in identified Essential Skills areas in order to graduate (Reading, Writing and Math). The Beaverton School District transcript indicates whether students have met their Essential Skills requirements based on the year a student began ninth grade.  Under the heading Test History, transcripts display whether students have Passed, Not Passed or Not Taken a particular skill area. Additionally, the Oregon Department of Education produces yearly report cards for schools, including Southridge. The report cards provide a summary of information about student learning and growth.
One credit is granted for satisfactory completion of a subject taken for two semesters.  Twenty-four credits are required for graduation, though students can earn up to 28 credits over four years at Southridge.  Courses required for graduation are:
Language Arts 4.0 credits
Mathematics 3.0 credits
Social Studies 3.0 credits
Science 3.0 credits
Health Education 1.0 credit
Physical Education 1.0 credit
Second Language, the Arts
Business, or Career 
& Technical Education
3.0 credits
Career Development .5 credit
Electives (other) 5.5 credits
The Beaverton School District uses a standards-based learning system to assess and support student learning.  Standards based learning is founded on individual mastery of course academic learning targets. Teachers communicate grades on the following scale:
4 points* exemplary performance
3 points* proficient performance
2 points* Novice
1 point basic performance
*Weighted grades are given an additional point
The Beaverton School District uses a weighted grading system. Courses yielding weighted grades are: a) All AP and IB courses; b) dual credit courses which are transferable to 4-year colleges or universities.  Courses that are weighted are listed in bold type on the transcript. Grades of A, B, and C will be weighted for class rank calculation by adding a grade point (A=5, B=4, C=3). Student transcripts display both standard and weighted grade point averages and class percentile rank.
Summary judgment scores of 4, 3, 2, and 1 are combined together to define the letter grade earned in each course.  Professional judgment is given to the teacher to finalize the summative letter grade.
WF (0 points)  withdrew/failure
P                       pass
S                       satisfactory
I                         incomplete
N                       no grade
U                       unsatisfactory
H after a grade designates an Honors course.
M after a grade designates a modified course.
The Beaverton School District does not rank, or report students GPA ranking.  Some universities and colleges require applicants to report their class rank.  If this is the case, students are asked to contact their guidance counselor.
Southridge offers a comprehensive high school and college preparatory curriculum. International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses are offered in core subject areas, and IB courses are offered in second languages. Courses that have a college credit option are offered in Writing 121, Spanish, ASL, Statistics, Calculus, Anatomy and Physiology, Engineering, Robotics, and Performing Arts.  Juniors and seniors may enroll in the District’s Early College High School program at Portland Community College. 
LANGUAGE ARTS — Enrollment is required all four years.  Freshmen and sophomores follow a prescribed course of study. Juniors and seniors may select from a menu of courses including Lit and Comp 11 and 12, IB SL and IB HL Literature, IB HL Language and Literture, or Writing 121.  Elective courses include mythology and creative writing.  Additional classes are provided for students with learning disabilities or in a sheltered model.
WORLD LANGUAGES — Languages available to students include French, Spanish, and American Sign Language. IB studies are offered in French and Spanish. 
MATHEMATICS – IB Math Applications & Interpretations at the Higher and Standard Level, IB Math Analysis and Approach at the Higher or Standard Level, and AP Stats are advanced courses students can take above and beyond the required three credits for graduation.
PHYSICAL EDUCATION and HEALTH One credit in each area is required.  One credit of  P.E. (.5 credit recommended in 9th grade, .5 credit recommended in 10th grade) and one full year of Health Education (.5 credit recommended in 10th grade, and .5 credit available when it best fits in the student’s schedule).  Additional elective P.E. classes are also available.   
SCIENCE — Three credits are required. Freshmen take a year of physics and sophomores a year of STEM chemistry, closely aligned to the IB Chemistry curriculum.  Juniors and seniors have a variety of one and two term elective course offerings: Biology, IB Biology, IB Marine Systems, IB Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology,  IB Physics, and IB and Environmental Systems. 
SOCIAL SCIENCES — Three credits are required. Credits are commonly earned in the following sequence: one credit of World History (usually taken in grade 9), followed by one credit of U.S. History as a sophomore.  The third credit of social sciences can be taken by taking two semester classes, which include:  Law, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Gender Studies, Race and Ethnic Studies,  IB History, IB Psychology or IB Human Geography.  
Southridge offers three pathways to access the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program:
  1. IB Diploma Program (IBDP):  A rigorous international program, the IB Diploma Program adheres to established IB standards of excellence.  The International Baccalaureate Program offers a comprehensive two-year curriculum for juniors and seniors.  Diploma candidates  take courses in each of six academic areas: English, Second  Language, Experimental Sciences, Social Studies, Mathematics, and the Arts or Electives. In addition to courses in these six areas, a full diploma candidate must complete a specified number of hours of community service, extracurricular activities.  Students also complete a course in the Theory of Knowledge and write an extended essay in an area of special interest. Students are assessed through internationally scored examinations and internally scored performance assessments. Students who complete the requirements of the IB Diploma Program and receive passing scores on their examinations are awarded the IB diploma. 
  2. IB Career-Related Program (IBCP):  The IB Career-Related Program adheres to established IB standards of excellence.  The IBCP provides juniors and seniors the opportunity to complete a Career Technical Pathway.  IBCP candidates enroll in two IB classes and must receive a three or higher on the two corresponding exams.  IBCP candidates complete the IBCP core consisting of the IB Personal and Professional Skills Course, a language/culture study or a world language class, 60 hours of service learning, and a reflective project.  Upon completion the student will receive the IB Career-Related Program Certificate.
  3. IB Course Candidate:  IB course candidates take any IB class their junior and senior year.  IB course candidates receive a certificate of the IB score earned for the IB course they take tests for.
Southridge High School has five CTE programs:  Business and Marketing, Computer Information Systems, Engineering, Journalism and Communication Arts, and Sports Medicine.  In addition, there are two district-wide CTE programs offered off campus that students can access, Auto-Tech and Health Careers.  The CTE Pathways are intended to help students discover their interests and empower them to learn about career pathways. To view the Oregon Department of Education-approved CTE programs and courses at Southridge, please visit and select Southridge from the drop down menu.
In addition to the CTE Pathways, Southridge students can earn a Career Pathway endorsement, which is an avenue for seniors to explore an area of interest and to create a senior project. Focus area endorsements are offered in Human Services, Public Policy, Performing Arts, and the Visual Arts.  
Southridge High School has a robust Dual Language Program providing opportunities for students to graduate from high school being biliterate.  To complete the Dual Language program students must complete Spanish Lit and Comp I, II and III, both World and US History in Spanish, and complete all four years of English Language Arts.  Other courses taught in Spanish to complement the requirements of the DL program include Algebra,Geometry and Stats I and II, and physics.  Students also have the opportunity to complete either SL or HL IB Spanish in the Dual Language program.  
Southridge High School offers the Oregon Seal of Biliteracy after meeting the minimal requirements of receiving a 4 or higher on the HL IB Spanish exam or a 7 on the STAMP test, and meeting all other graduation requirements.  
Students complete 60 hours (15 hours per year in attendance) of volunteer Service Learning in order to graduate from Southridge.  Service learning combines service to the community with curriculum goals, and meets the State of Oregon’s requirement regarding Career Related Learning Experiences.  The service learning requirement is linked to the .5 credit in Career Education, which is required for graduation.  Students also earn this credit by working on a variety of career-related tasks during grades 9-12; career credit is awarded at the end of grade 12.
An awards designation earned by students who pursue a course of studies meeting higher academic standards than for a standard diploma.  A Southridge Scholar must meet all graduation requirements and, in addition, maintain a 3.5 GPA, earn a minimum of 26 credits (at least 8 credits in advanced level coursework), demonstrate proficiency in a world language at a third year level, earn an endorsement from one of the Career Academies or complete the IB Diploma Program, participate in at least two co-curricular activities, and complete a senior project.  (A Southridge Scholar designation is recognized at graduation, but is not indicated on a student’s transcript.) 
Principal: David Nieslanik
Assistant Principals: Lori Krumm, Sho Shigeoka, Jim Weeks
Counselors: Josie Abuan, Bijoli Biswas, Amparo Garcia De Reyes, Chris Martin, Tresci Sork
Registrar: Serena Costelloe
Program Coordinators:   IBDP Coordinator: Celeste Colasurdo; IBCP Coordinator:  Natalie Ballard-Strauhal, DL Coordinator: Monica Garcia
Southridge High School is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), a division of AdvancED. College Board code (CEEB) 380079. Member, International Baccalaureate World School (IB school number 1184). Member, Oregon School Activities Association.
In recent years, 55-60% of our seniors have consistently indicated in exit surveys their plan to attend a four-year college, and an additional 30% have indicated their plans to attend a two-year college.