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Southridge HS improvement plan with Pillar Icons


In the Beaverton School District, we empower all students to achieve post-high school success.

At Southridge High School, we develop compassionate graduates who think critically and creatively, embrace life-long learning and responsible citizenship, and who learn from and appreciate the connection between our school, community and world.


Creating Opportunities Together: Our Work


Creating Opportunities Together: Our Goals

With a focus on collaboration, relationships, engagement and instructional strategies alongside professional learning opportunities our school wide professional goals include:

  • By the end of the first nine weeks of each course, all staff members will have utilized three culturally responsive strategies to build relationships with students that acknowledge their academic background, life experience and culture. 
  • By the end of each course, all staff members will have identified and incorporated three WICOR and/or Approaches to Learning instructional strategies to promote student ownership of learning, effective discourse, collaboration and participation in the classroom.

With the support of targeted interventions, focus of the Care Team, work of mentor staff, formation of a Ninth Grade Success Team, and a restructuring of Extended Time to Seminar, our achievement goals include:

  • by the end of the 2018-19 school year the graduation rate at Southridge High School will increase by 2% to 90%.
  • by the end of the 2018-19 school year the daily attendance rate will increase by 2% to 94%
  • Ninth Grade On-Track Data will show an increase of ninth grade students who have 6 or more credits to raise by a minimum of 10% from 80% to 90%.

Creating Opportunities Together: Our Long-Term Benchmarks

Access to Academic Rigor

  • Increase number of students accessing IB/AP courses and at the same time decrease the achievement gap by increasing the accessibility to rigorous courses for ALL students.


Foster and promote positive, healthy relationships that embrace, inspire and empower students.

  • Increase student connections in classrooms and engagement in extra-curricular opportunities.


Cultivate and support collaboration to support both staff learning and collegiality as well as parent and community partnerships.

  • Increase opportunities for staff, parent and community collaboration that are meaningful, relevant and supportive of the Southridge community.